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At Live Architecture we offer a consultancy service at an hourly rate for every stage you are at.  Do you need architectural advice just on;

- purchasing a site

- positioning your home on your site

- the design of your home

- improving the sustainability of your home plans

- improving your current home

- or advice for renovations


Your Home Sustainability Report

Why is your home so cold in winter?

How can you benefit from passive solar design?

What type of insulation do you need?

Where to best locate insulation?

How can you insulate a weatherboard home?

Are your downlights affecting your insulation?

What are some non toxic products to use in the home?

What glazing is best for your home?

Do you have good cross flow ventilation?

Is open plan living driving up your energy bills?

Do you have thermal mass?

Do you have a problem with condensation?


Get your Home Sustainability Report for $495 + GST

Your Home Sustainability Report includes a home consultation, a comprehensive written Home Sustainability Report including a description of the main issues of your home and suggested solutions so you will clearly know how to proceed. 


Live Architecture will provide you with well considered and professional advice to make your home more sustainable within your budget.

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