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cliff top

north west perspective
ground floor plan
upper floor plan
cliff top South Perspective
north east perspective

Cliff top is an architectural abode in a harsh and extreme environment.  The form is designed to visually resemble the adjoining rocky outcrops as well as to provide a structural windbreak.  It is embedded into the landscape with picture windows framing the southern ocean, yet has northern glazing that open out to protected outdoor areas.


sustainable features

  • 8 star energy rating + a 3kW solar PV system can take this home to 'energy neutral living'

  • High levels of insulation to the walls, roof and upper floor

  • R 2.5 insulation batts to internal walls between living and sleeping zones and upper floors

  • Waffle pod slab 

  • Orientation of living areas to the north

  • Passive crossflow ventilation & ceiling fan to the living room

  • Hot air can be flushed out using the natural stack effect


building materials

  • Corten rusted steel panels to weather in the coastal environment

  • Shadowclad ecoply cladding

  • Exposed concrete floor with Low VOC finish

  • Double glazed aluminium windows & glazed doors


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