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pod living

north perspective
pod living plan

Three distinct pods providing flexibility for separation or an open continuity.  North facing pods with individual decks integrate indoor / outdoor living, where the roof form creates a lightness, pulling in the external environment.  The natural fall of the land and natural watercourses are redirected in-between the pods and these areas become pebbled creek beds, enhancing the site ecology in a natural way.


Sustainability Features

  • 8 star rating

  • Hydronic in slab heating to exposed concrete floor

  • High level of insulation to roof, walls and under slab

  • Orientation to the north, sliding doors opening up onto external decks

  • Passive crossflow ventilation throughout, ceiling fans, clerestory windows

  • Water harvesting & Renewable energy technologies can take this home to 'energy neutral living'


Building Materials

  • Timbercrete veneer cladding (made from timber waste products)

  • Natrual grooved Shadowclad external cladding with semi-transparent coating

  • Exposed concrete slab with 25% recycled aggregate, polished & sealed finish

  • Double glazed aluminium / timber composite windows & low E louvres

  • Plywood to raked ceilings and eaves



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