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river minka

Radial sawn timber weatherboarded with a

This unused stable at Wangoom has been transformed into a bespoke sustainable small dwelling named ‘River Minka’.  ‘Minka’ is a Japanese word for farmhouse and it is located a short stroll from the Hopkins River. The original idea presented to Live Architecture was to relocate the existing stable on the site to a more prominent position where it could get river views.  The stable was being prepared to be moved in one piece but then it was decided to dismantle and reconstruct.  The original dimensions and features of the stable were honoured in the reconstruction with two added wings to create a small self sustained dwelling.  

Recycled timber also features in the home with 100 year old internal posts repurposed from a factory in Melton and 100 year old external posts from a supermarket in Casterton.

sustainable features

  • 7.5 star energy rating

  • R 4.0 insulation batts to roof with additional R 1.5 foil faced blanket

  • R 4.0 insulation batts to external walls which were made as 140mm thick

  • Insulation under the slab with 100mm XPS Climafoam board to give R 1.8 

  • Orientation of living areas to the north 

  • Passive crossflow ventilation 

  • Water harvesting on site


building materials

  • Polished concrete slab with bluestone mix for internal thermal mass

  • Radial Sawn natural edge weatherboards (arrived in 3 cut logs to site)

  • Double glazed composite aluminium & UPVC windows & recycled timber sliding glass doors

  • Recycled internal doors

  • Stained glass windows out of old church have been repurposed for the bathroom and reading nook

  • Upcycled light fittings - mix of old Glaxo chemical factory light fittings, an external repurposed street light and light fittings artistically made from tractor teeth and bamboo salad bowls.

  • Recycled stainless steel sink, basin & taps in toilet from an op shop for only $20!

  • Wall tiles were sourced as seconds with the white kitchen tiles a council miss -order, and grey bathrooom tiles leftovers from a project builder.


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