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New year, new approach

It is so great to start the new year with a new approach. I am very exicted with the new format, information and projects that are now on the updated Live Architecture website. Content is also going to be continually added as projects get built, new concepts are imagined and cutting egde research comes to hand, so watch this space.

The idea is to keep you informed and up to date on green building design in Victoria. You must admit that the blog is an addition that has been a long time coming!

I am a sustainable Architect with over 14 years experience in regoinal Victoria, the director of Live Architecture and currently studying a Masters in Sustainable Practice at RMIT in my spare time! There are so many interesting areas of discovery in the realm of green building design that I just have to share them. For example, I love the concept of Biomimicry - where buildings are designed from imitating natures time tested patterns and strategies. In Zimbabwe an office building is designed to mimic the natural cooling strategy of termite mounds, and therefore is totally reliant on natural passive cooling.

If you have any areas that you would like me to cover in the blog, I would love to hear from you. You can comment below this blog post or contact me through the contact us page. Always happy to hear your feedback and to generate discussions around the topics that are being explored. After all, I believe we all have knowledge worth sharing!

Till next time,


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Fiona Golding is an Architect at Live Architecture, a Warrnambool-based studio, specialising in sustainable design, green buildings and healthy homes.


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