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Finding your Architect

Finding an Architect can be the most important step in the whole home building process, not only because of your upfront investment, but more importantly finding a mutual understanding through open communication. The best results will come out of a design process where you feel at ease to share some often personal details with an Architect who is relatable and has an eye for detail.

Be prepared to spend some quality time to find an architect that you connect with as you will be spending a great deal of time together on your project!

Start with word of mouth

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to gather information of colleagues, friends and family that have worked with an Architect as it is unbiased and related to personal experience. The Find an Architect service can also be helpful to locate local Architects as well as keeping an eye out for architects’ signs on building sites.

Do your research

Browse through local Architect websites to get a feel for their work, who they are and their design values to ensure that they align with yours. Review credentials, awards, past projects, testimonials as well as whether the Architect holds your shared views on sustainability for example. Architects will often give you some addresses of previous projects so you can drive by and see them for yourself.

Meet and greet

Once you have narrowed down to a few Architects, set up a meeting with your first choice. Most architects’ offer a free first consultation and this will be ideal to gauge whether you will be comfortable to work together on your project.

Ensure that you have clear expectations and an idea of what you are after. Refer to my previous blog post – ‘6 questions to answer before you see an architect’ for further direction on communicating your brief. It is integral that your architect understands your needs and wants as well as explain the difference in the services that can be offered.

Beware of compare

After the initial consultation the architect will prepare a fee proposal for your consideration. Be mindful when comparing price with other Architects, building designers or draftspersons as it is not an even playing field or fair comparison. The differences are often noticeable in the end result, when it is too late!

Architects can chat to you about the fees and services offered in order to deliver the best process for you. Often to reduce fees, services can be reduced so make sure you have a good understanding of what is proposed. An architect that takes the time to answer your questions and ensures that you have an understanding of the process has just given you an insight as to how they practice.

With these facts and your research, choosing your architect should be an easier process.

My past clients often note that the value of an Architect is the ‘amazing results that can evolve from an architect interpreting your ideas into something you would have never dreamed of’.

Here is a testimonial from one of my great clients;

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